Poznan University of Economics and Business Knowledge Transfer Company
Academic resources, business approach

The Company was established by the Notary Deed of August 7, 2014. It's university-owned but acts as a self-funding, limited liability company (SPV). The Company aims to implement market solutions based on the results of scientific research carried out at the University, offers consulting services for external entities, and conducts commissioned research to solve specific market, tech & management problems.

PUEB Knowledge Transfer Company is the only SPV in Poland established by an economic university. The specificity of research carried out in economics (the predominance of "soft results" over "hard solutions"), makes the central area of the company's activity to acquire and run development projects, in which the know-how of academics and creativity of students plays a key role.

From October 2014 to August 2019, the Company has completed 230 development projects for 130 companies and public institutions. Projects focus on strategic development issues (including the development of new products, building new business models, creation of R&D strategies) and require constructing interdisciplinary teams and developing a dedicated research methodology.

Supervisory Board:
Prof. Sławomir Kalinowski (Chairman)
Prof. Małgorzata Bartosik-Purgat
Prof. Jarosław Kubiak

Management Board:
Dr.Eng. Jakub Jasiczak (CEO)